Almost There and Maternity Photos

With less than 20 days left until we meet this bundle of rambunctious joy, I feel similar to a ticking time bomb. 😉 Zechariah and I are still working as quickly as possible to wrap up the remaining projects for the year before we settle down to meet this little one.

Our bathroom project is coming along amazingly. Zephaniah has been helping Zech figure out the plumbing (one of the last *major* parts of the project). Timothy and Josiah also helped us out with tiling, sheeting, painting, and such. Everyone’s help has been a huge blessing.


My photography for Azure is pretty much completed for the year. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to learn and grow this skill. Providing Azure with photos as we harvested was really fun and I also got a good bit of exercise walking up and down the orchard rows. How Zechariah’s crew walks up and down all those rows, while carrying 50 lb fruit picking bags, is beyond me. 😉 One of my favorite parts of doing pictures this year was getting to know the members of Zechariah’s crew a little more.

boys-in-apples_bjs_0147 crystal-and-horse-in-apples_bjs_0097 crystal-and-horse-in-apples_bjs_0116

Since my due date is getting increasingly closer, Zechariah and I finally decided to stop procrastinating and we took our own maternity photos. Zechariah is so good to me and helped make all of these photos possible. I couldn’t have taken these without him. ❤ Really, there were just a few pictures that I wanted captured of our pregnancy so I didn’t feel the need to hire someone else. I’ll definitely recruit someone else for our family photos though. I can’t wait for our first picture as a family of 3.






So now I am simply wrapping up the nursery, making the last issue of 31MOM Magazine, making grape juice from the abundant concord grapes that we were blessed with this year, and editing one of my last photo sessions of the year. As much as I’d love to meet this baby today, I think I need the next 20 days to finish my list. 😉


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