Livestock Adventures

It’s been rather quiet around here lately. Well, just quiet on the blog…We’ve definitely been busy on the farm and in the home!

Recently we checked on our flock of sheep in Kimberly Oregon. They will soon be moving up to our farm here in Dufur. Our farm in Kimberly is up for sale. It’s a beautiful farm and it holds a special place in my heart. God is leading us on to other things though so although I shall miss the farm, I am thankful for the time we had there and our farm manager that lived there and cared for it for us. The sheep are the last bit of livestock that we still have on the farm. Although it is a little bittersweet, I am definitely looking forward to caring for them here in Dufur.

The sheep are just lovely creatures. I’ve never raised wool sheep (I had hair sheep) so I am excited about this new adventure. Eleanor adores them. Did you know one of her favorite toys was given to her by a friend (Danielle)? A little lamb rattle. It shouldn’t surprise you that the real sheep have captured her tiny heart. The chicks have also captured her attention. Speaking of chicks…

We’ve got a ton! Well not a literal ton, but it feels like it! I love working with our local hatchery to take their over-runs. Did you know that a lot of hatcheries “euthanize” their extra chicks? I sure didn’t! I was really glad to start working with our local hatchery to provide a source for them to send their extra chicks to. We’ve loved working with them!

It’s hard to predict what we will be doing one week to the next. The livestock have added new joys to our year. I think my farmer husband is even beginning to have a rather soft spot for his little friends. I get us into such a mess sometimes and yet he is so gracious. We literally had thousands of chicks last year and I didn’t help raise them very much (morning sickness was intense)…yet he was cheerful as ever and ready to take on the project with such enthusiasm. As we’ve refined our processes to make sure we don’t find ourselves unprepared with more chicks than we can handle, I find myself increasingly grateful for his character. His patience, his work ethic, his passion, his love…definitely his love.


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