Bloom Where You Are Planted…

Bloom where you are planted… Those words resonate in my soul.

In a recent conversation, my mother and I were talking about how often we moved when I was young. 20 some times or so. Often we’d sell everything and start from scratch all over again. Yet, I never remember it being scary or sad. I was asking my mom how she did it and her answer has stayed with me.

“I learned to bloom where I was planted a loooong time ago.”

She taught us children that too. She always made the unexpected or could-be-tragedies into adventures. She taught us to count our blessings, to make the best of each moment, and always leave wherever we were in better condition than when we arrived. If we were at a park, for example, she would have us each pick up 3 pieces of garbage and throw it away properly before we left. Or we would pray for the new family moving into our home. She was constantly reminding us and teaching us toΒ bloom.Β Although I didn’t realize it at the time, now I know she was actually teaching us life long lessons in how to view the world around us.

Life doesn’t happen to us my friends, it happens for us. Are you blooming where you are planted?


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