Artwork and Photography

My photography and artwork is really a hobby at best. In order to create, I need inspiration. It comes at random and so does my work.

beth and zech

Photography has been a hobby of mine for some years. Before getting married I played around with the idea of turning it into a business. Since being married I’ve continued to do photography for friends and family. Ranging from newborn sessions to weddings, I think I’ve done a little bit of everything now. Being a farmer’s wife means my schedule is unpredictable and for that reason, any photography I do is very limited. I enjoy doing it to bless friends, family and those that can’t afford a photographer.

The paintings and sketches that you see here at random are a pretty new hobby and craft. I’ve always loved painting to some extent but only began pursuing it in 2014.Β On a rather dreary winter day I found some old sample paints in the back room of our house. Within a few hours, our bathroom door had been removed, and I was painting away. It’s all history from there.