Thank you for your interest in our livestock.

All our livestock is raised organically. We try our best to give them loving care while they live on our farm. We raise chickens (layers and meat birds), sheep, and goats! Scroll down to get more information on each of these things.

Kinder Goats

We have a small herd of Kinder goats. They are a fantastic duel purpose breed. They are perfect for families that are just getting started in the goaty world. These guys are friendly, gorgeous, and hard workers! They provide wonderful milk and meat if you’re into that sort of thing. Goats are registered unless noted otherwise. Kids will be horned unless otherwise requested. Prices are the following: Doeling $325 Bucklings $300

If you’d like to get some of our lines in your herd, then make sure to reserve you kids in advance!

Horned Dorsetย Sheep

We love our wooly friends and think you will too. We will have a limited number of ewes and lambs available for purchase each year. We use the majority of our sheep for meat production. Ewes are $300, uncertified organic

Rams $250 uncertified organic, or $200 for ram lamb, certified organic.


Every fall we sell our laying hens. These are usually rhode island reds or NOVOgens. The birds are typically 2 years old when we sell them. We charge $5 a bird

We also have Cornish Cross birds available throughout the year.

Want to be more connected to you food? Reserve your chickens now! We will reserve chicks for you and raise them on our organic family farm. While we raise them we will share pictures with you via our Facebook page and send you updates on how your birds are doing.

$18 per bird

*Guaranteed to be at least 4lbs

We will notify you when your birds have been processed and are ready for pick up. Shipping options available at additional costs.